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CME / CPD Programme   Email address for CME /CPD
CME Accreditation Application Form
• CME Accreditation Application Form 2021_Local
• 1b_CME Accreditation Application Form 2020_Local (Declaration) (Ver. Jan 2020)
• CME Accreditation Application Form 2020_Overseas (Ver. Jan 2020)
• CME Accreditation Application Form 2021_Live Online Seminar (Ver. May 2021)
CME/CPD Programme Attendance Form
1) For Speakers and Chairpersons (Version 2020)
2) For Participants (Version 2020)
Application Form for Continuing Medical Education Points <Claim Forms>
CME Claim Forms - 2020-2022
• Participation in FCAA (Version 2020)
• Self Study (Version 2020)
• Self-arranged Study Group Attendance Form (Version 2020)
• Self-arranged Study Group Case Summary Form (Version 2020)
• Publications (Version 2020)
• Quality Assurance (Version 2020)
• Postgraduate Courses (Version 2020)
• Reviewer of Journals (Version 2021)
Examination and Training (Important Notes:  Only registered dentists practising in Hong Kong are eligible for entry of all training pathways.)
  Application Form for Fellowship/Membership (Sample)