Committee of General Dentistry CDSHK Adverse Weather Arrangement (For Clinic Visitation Examination)


l          Orientation Lecture – 2018-2020 MGD Training Programme / Examination – PowerPoint Presentation (PDF file)

l          Orientation Lecture on 6 May 2018 (Sunday) - MGD Trainee Recruitment

l          A Candidate's Guide to MGD Training 2018-2020



l          Guidelines for Accreditation and Training in General Dentistry (2018-2020 Diet)

l          History of MGD Training Pathway (Powerpoint Presentation)

l          Guidelines on Termination and Reinstatement of Membership of General Dentistry (Approved by College Council on 23 March 2015)  



l          Committee Members 2018-2020

l          List of Members Who Have Satisified the Criteria of MGD Training



l           MGD Training Programme 2018-20 - Proposed Lecture - Jul & Sept 2019

l           3rd & 4th Quarter of 2018 MGD Booklet - Sept to Dec 2018

l           1st Quarter of 2019 MGD Booklet - Jan - Mar 2019

l           2nd Quarter of 2019 MGD Booklet - Apr - Jun 2019

l           3rd Quarter of 2019 MGD Booklet - July & Sept 2019



l           A Candidate's Guide to MGD Examination 2018-2020 

l           A Candidate's Guide to CAT Examination 2018-2020 


Conjoint Examination



Fee Schedule

l         MGD Training – Normal Diet & CAT Diet – Fee Estimation

* The Examination fees payable are:

l        Part I: HK$12,500

l       Part II: HK$7,500





Forms Download

l          2020 MGD Part I Examination Application Form

l          Training Log – Part I – CP modules

l          Training Log – Part I – LCE

l          Training Log – Part II – EDP_SDP modules

l          Training Log – Part II – Mock Clinic Visitation

l          2018-2020 MGD Training and Mentorship Programme Application Form (Candidates who applied for MGD Trainee)

l          Membership in General Dentistry (MGD) - Application Form

l          Application for Reinstatement of MGD (CDSHK) Membership (Approved by College Council on 1 March 2018)



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l          To Trainees

l          To MGD Holders

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