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List of Fellows who have satisfied the criteria of specialist training

   List of Fellows who have satisfied the criteria of specialist training under Specialty Board in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


  1. Dr AU Ka Li
  2. Dr AU Shun Wai Wilson
  3. Dr AW Ming Chit Andrew
  4. Dr CARTER Eric Francis
  5. Dr CHAN Sai Kwing
  6. Dr CHENG Chi Fung Jason
  7. Dr CHEUNG Chi Tung
  8. Dr CHEUNG Lim Kwong
  9. Dr CHEUNG Loi Ming
  10. Dr CHIU Wai Kuen
  11. Dr CHOI Wing Shan
  12. Dr CHONG Mei Man
  13. Dr CHOW Kiang Cheong
  14. Dr CHOW Kwok Fai
  15. Dr CHOW Lop Keung Raymond
  16. Dr CHOW Tak Kun
  17. Dr FUNG Siu Chung
  18. Dr HO Lai In
  19. Dr HUI Edward
  20. Dr HUI Hin Ming Alex
  21. Dr HUI Sheung Yu Bosco
  22. Dr KAN Wai Leong
  23. Dr KO Hay Ching Brian
  24. Dr KUNG Alvin Yue Hin
  25. Dr LAI Kar Yan Karen
  26. Dr LAM Pui Kwan Pierre
  27. Dr LAU Sze Lok
  28. Dr LAW Yee Hung
  29. Dr LEE Kin Man Philip
  30. Dr LEE Kwing Hong
  31. Dr LEE Siu Hong Alfred
  32. Dr LEE Tsz Ying Crystal
  33. Dr LEUNG Chun Fung Albert
  34. Dr LEUNG Ming Yin
  35. Dr LEUNG Yiu Yan
  36. Dr LI Dion Tik Shun
  37. Dr LI Kin Shing
  38. Dr LIEW Cho Hwei, Julianna
  39. Dr LO Ching Man
  40. Dr LO John
  41. Dr LOK Chi To
  42. Dr LUI Wai Kay Wilkie
  43. Dr ORMISTON Ian
  44. Professor SAMMAN Nabil
  45. Dr SIT Ka Fai
  46. Dr SO Cheuk Hang
  47. Dr SUEN Ka Shing
  48. Dr TAM Kai Chung Eric
  49. Dr TO Chun Yin Peter
  50. Dr TO Wai Hei Edward
  51. Dr TONG Chi Kit Antonio
  52. Dr TSANG Chee Ching Alfred
  53. Dr TSANG Wai Ming
  54. Dr TSE Kit Ming
  55. Dr TSE Kwan Yiu Derek
  56. Dr TSE Siu Kwong Anthony
  57. Dr TSUI Hing Chung Sunny
  58. Dr TSUI Wai Kin
  59. Dr WONG Man Hei
  60. Dr WONG Po Ngok Caesar
  61. Dr WONG Siu Leung
  62. Dr WONG Yiu Kai
  63. Dr YAN Sik Wing
  64. Dr YAU Chuen Kam
  65. Dr YEUNG Kar Hing
  66. Dr YEUNG Wai Kit Richie
  67. Dr YING Chin Ho
  68. Dr YIP Hok Siu Ian

As of 23 June 2021