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  1) CME/CPD (P&G) new cycle 2020.01.01 to 2022.12.31 ( to CME/CPD Program)
2) Announcements for Administrative charge ( to CME/CPD Program)
3) Forms revised for cycle 2020 onward ( to Forms Download)
  11 March 2020
HKAM-Seminar on “Balancing Autonomous Medical Decision Making for End-of-Life Care”
  29 January 2020 HKAM Shanghai Study Trip planned for late February is now called off and will be postponed.
  20 December 2019 2020 Exit Exam Application Form
  10 December 2019 2020 Fee Schedule
  18 October 2019 2019 Winter Scientific Meeting
(Programme , Reg Form , Regulations )
  26 June 2019 Call for 2019 CDSHK Scholarship (Scheme Application form )
  6 June 2019 Call for Application: Conjoint/Intermediate MOMS Examinations (CDSHK / RCSEd
  19 March 2019 2018-19 MGD Training Programme (Oct & Nov 2019 Lecture)
  24 December 2018 2019 Fee Schedule
  6 July 2018 HKAM 25th Anniversary Congress and Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament
  2 May 2018 Call for Application: Conjoint/Intermediate Examinations (CDSHK / RCSEd)
  20 June 2014 Ming Pao Interview: Dr John Ling and Dr Dominic Ho
  29 January 2014 20th Anniversary Book
In celebrating the achievements in the past decade, our College has published a 20th Anniversary Book to commemorate our work and milestones. Please find the attached for your perusal.
  13 March 2013

CME Accreditaion Application

(Admin charge HK$3,000. - effective from March 13, 2013)

  22 December 2010

Guidelines for the Provision of Dental Implants

Dental practitioners may find answers to critical questions regarding implant therapy in this Guideline developed by the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong (CDSHK) with reference to various relevant international guidelines. This Guideline is produced in an attempt to encourage best practices in Implant Dentistry.

  9 Sep 2009 Email address for CME / CPD Program: cme_cpd@cdshk.org